More… BET Celebrates Black Kids Beating White Kids (Video)

There is something terribly wrong with our society.
“Jena 6” members get a standing ovation at the BET Hip Hop Music Awards.

In December 2006 Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones and four other black students cold-cocked Justin Barker in Jena, LA and beat him unconsious, stomping and kicking on him until another student intervened.

This week they were celebrated.

This photo shows Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones of The ‘Jena 6′ having a cool time at the 2007 BET Awards that aired this week on BET. This photo also shows the real victim Justin Barker in the hospital after he was beaten unconscious on Dec. 4, 2006 in Jena, LA by six black students. Barker, who was cold-cocked unconscious, was treated and later released from the hospital. The photo was released by the LaSalle Parish District Attorney’s Office. (Sweetness and Light and AP)

What message is BET giving the black youth of America?
What message is BET giving the white youth of America?

A standing ovation for the Jena 6 kids from the Hip Hop Awards audience:
(You may have to turn the sound down on this- Please excuse the quality)

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The Town Talk reported:

“By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down,” Williams said during his introduction of the teens, one of whom is still facing attempted murder charges in connection with the attack on white student Justin Barker. “… But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal.”

As Jones and Purvis walked onto the stage at the Atlanta Civic Center, where the awards show was filmed on Saturday, they were greeted by a standing ovation.
“They don’t look so tough, do they?” Williams joked as the teens stepped up to the podium.

Both Jones and Purvis thanked a number of people, including family, friends, the “Hip-Hop Nation” and the thousands who came to their small hometown to rally behind their case.

Purvis said the Sept. 20 rally proved “our generation can unite and rally around a cause.”

The teens assisted Williams in presenting the Video of the Year honor to Kanye West for “Stronger.” Purvis handed the award to West, who in turn shook hands with both teens…

…Also attending the show was Mychal Bell’s father, Marcus Jones; Carwin Jones’ parents, John Jenkins and Dwanda Jones; and Theo McCoy, the father of Theo Shaw, another defendant.

Uniting around what cause??
…Knocking a white boy “unconscious and then stomping and kicking on him” until another student intervenes?

NewsBusters has more.

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