Media Confessions– Marxists Are Behind the Antiwar Protests

Well that only took FOUR YEARS!
But, it’s not like it was a secret…

Reuters today reported that the two main groups organizing the antiwar protests on Iraq. ANSWER Coalition and Troops Out Now are associated with the communist World Workers Party:

Saturday’s protest, sponsored by the Troops Out Now Coalition, came two weeks after an antiwar event sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, which drew roughly 10,000 people. ANSWER also sponsored a rally in March.

The groups’ agendas are similar, opposing what they call “imperialist” U.S. policy not only in Iraq but toward countries like Cuba and Iran — which has alienated some supporters.

“There’s all of these peripheral issues that you’re going to be associated with, whether you want to or not,” said Hamilton College history professor Maurice Isserman.

Both groups’ leaders were associated with the Workers World Party, which advocates a shift toward a Soviet-style planned economy. But a 2004 dispute prompted some members to form the splinter Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Members of the splinter group stayed active in the ANSWER Coalition, and the remaining members of the Workers World Party formed the Troops Out Now Coalition, Troops Out Now spokesman Dustin Langley said.

WOW! The media finally outs the Communists!
They must be really be pi$$ed about the dwindling protests.
Those topless moonbats probably didn’t help much either.

Sweetness and Light has more on the Workers World Party.

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