Maliki Announces Great Progress On Iraqi Economic Front

Iraqi Prime Minister announced yesterday that unemployment has declined from 50% to 20% and inflation has gone down from 60% to 16% in Iraq.

With yesterday’s transfer, there are now 8 provinces under Iraqi control:

Aljazeera has video of the transfer ceremony in Karbala HERE.

The following is a Haider Ajina translation of a headline and article from Iraq’s Nahrain from October 29 2007.


Karbala receiving security responsibility for its province.

Iraqi Prime Minster (PM) Noori Almaliki said in a speech delivered at the hand-over ceremonies of Karbala’s security to the provincial government, ‘Receiving security responsibility of Karbala is a big development and a large step towards Iraq’s full security responsibility’.

Ceremonies of the hand-over of security responsibilities of Karbala to its provincial government were held today Monday October 29 at the Karbala Soccer stadium.

The PM then pointed out that security for Basra province will be handed over to the Basra provincial government in mid December. Almaliki then called on the Iraqi national security forces to double their security efforts so the rest of the provinces can be handed over to their provincial governments. He then criticized those who think of a one party system or of loyalty solely to the tribe. Countries are not built on ignorance, bigotry and killings, quite the opposite countries are built on dialogue, respect of others, understanding and abilities. The political system has an immediate effect on security, and political problems translate to security problems, waste of effort and preoccupation with differences and deviation from rebuilding efforts’.

Almaliki then addressed the economy by saying. “On the economic front we have much to be proud of, unemployment has declined from 50% to 20% and inflation has gone down from 60% to 16%, these are tremendous achievements. Almaliki then went on to speak about developments in national reconciliation. He said that reconciliation does not mean dividing the country like a piece of pie or giving position to the nonqualified. Reconciliation is built on national sublime foundations. He warned that not all who fly the reconciliation banner want reconciliation. Some still have the mentality of tribalism and totalitarianism and want to turn the clocks back, while they appear in the media calling for reconciliation. Of those we need to be careful. Reconciliation is in the hands of those who want to see prosperity for Iraq.

On Monday October 29th security for Karbala province was transferred from the MNF to Iraqi security in the province. Celebrations for this event were held at the Karbala soccer stadium and were attended by Iraq’s PM Noori Alamliki and several Iraqi and American civilian and military dignitaries and a number of Iraqi MPs and Karbala province officials.

Karbala is the eighth Iraqi province to receive responsibility for its security. Samawah was the first, then followed by Maisan, Muthenah (Neseriah) and Nejaf all of which are south of Baghdad , and the three Kurdish provinces in the North.,

Haider Ajina comments:

Karbala province is home to many of Shiite shrines and of historical significance to Muslims in general and Iraqis in particular. Hussein a grand Son of the prophet Mohamed PBH is buried there. Shiia Muslims consider Karbala to be one of their holiest cities after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and Najaf. In the early 1800 Wahabis attacked Karbala, looted the shrines and killed over 4000 inhabitants. This event has strong meaning to what we are suffering from today due to the Wahabi Takfiri intolerance and violence.

Karbala (about 60 miles south of Baghdad) has almost 600,000 inhabitants this is 2.5% of the Population of Iraq and 1944 sq.mi or 1.2% of Iraq’s territory. The provinces of Maysan, Nejaf, Muthena & Dhi Qar are already under Iraqi provincial control, in the south. In the north Kurdistan in its three provinces of Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Dehuck are also under Iraqi control. Now eight out of eighteen Iraqi provinces will be under provincial control. The provinces under full Iraqi control will be a total of 36.6% of Iraq’s territory and 31.5% of the population. All this has been achieved, in a country with little experience in democracy and the rule of law in its recent history and after 30 years of tyrannical rule, and only 4 short years since the liberation, while combating terrorists trying to destabilize an elected government.

Haider Ajina

Reason Magazine has more on the good security news from Iraq.
Via Instapundit.

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