Liveblogging IFAW at George Washington University

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week moves to George Washington University.
In sharp contrast to Emory University, there was not a single interruption at the Horowitz event at GW.

Here’s the notorious flyer that was posted on GW’s campus by radical Leftists attacking GW conservatives:

When Dean Knapp discovered that the perpetrators behind this poster were not conservatives but a group of liberal students, the university police closed their investigation.
…Nothing to see here folks.

The Young America’s Foundation is hosting David Horowitz tonight for IFAW.
Hopefully it will not be the mob scene like last night.


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8:00 PM: David Horowitz was introduced a few minutes ago. There won’t be a problem here at GW tonight. The Young America’s Foundation took charge of the event and controlled the ticket distribution. That is one way to take control a Leftist mob like last night at Emory.

Meanwhile… The Leftist groups are holding their own protest across the street since they couldn’t gang rush the stage for Horowitz.
It starts at 9 PM and promises to be nutty.

What a difference it makes when a conservative is acually allowed to talk. The students are actually facing the stage. Horowitz is doing a great job tonight without the interruptions. It is a completely different environment than last night. I will try to post something from his talk later tonight.

9:00 David Horowitz talked for about an hour. His talk was uninterrupted. There were a couple of protesters outside of the auditorium tonight but the security guards wouldn’t let them in. They didn’t like it much.

Oops. I spoke too soon. The room just erupted and a couple of moonbats got thrown out. What would a conservative talk be without a screaming Leftist fool attacking their free speech?

** We will post video of the wild eviction in a bit at Incorrect U.

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