Leftists Force Horowitz From Stage– Shut Down Free Speech at Emory!!!

UPDATES–UPDATES— Check back for updates.


Here are the final moments of the Horowitz talk tonight at Emory…
Before they shut it down:

Liveblogging at Emory University…


This is going to be a blowout!
The crowd is at capacity and is 80-90% protesters!
Chance that this crowd will not erupt… 0%.

The students have signs on their backs and are planning on standing with their back to David Horowitz.

The United for Peace and Justice crowd started to gather in the lobby around 7:00 PM.

Veterans for Peace showed up with their billboards of dead children. The veteran was interviewed with the camera crew that was there working with Incorrect U.

David Horowitz is introduced…

Emory shows respect. The booing started when he walked on the stage and the interruptions lasted until the talk was cancelled.

The Emory crowd stood one by one with their backs to David Horowitz.
The communists fell into line- Horowitz just pegged them but was having a hard time with the interruptions that were constant.
There were continuous outbursts coming from this crowd.

Finally a member of the university security staff told the crowd to sit down or they would be forcibly escorted out of the building.

You know what happened next… The place erupted.
Video and pictures to follow.
It was shameful.

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