Junk Science Update: New NASA Evidence Refutes Global Warming (Video)

James Taylor a Senior Fellow from the Heartland Institute shares the latest NASA news that strikes another blow into the heart of global warming dogma fanatics.

Alan Colmes gets a global warming tongue lashing…
Taylor asks, “Who are you going to believe? NASA, or a liberal activist group?”
We know who Colmes will believe…

Seen on Hannity and Colmes


In the video Taylor shows a photo of the growing Antarctica ice cap.
It’s a hard point to argue.

A British court ruled this month that Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” makes at least 11 false or unsupported claims.

And… a study by NASA confirmed that “the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds” not by global warming.

But, jet-setter Gore is the odds on favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his global warming fanaticism.

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