It's Past Time for TNR to Kill The Bogus Beauchamp Reports

It’s really past time that The New Republic killed this bogus story.

The liberal media is starting to look like complete fools in their defense of these bogus antimilitary reports by TNR.

It’s getting so bad that it’s looking like some kind of Rovian Conspiracy to trap Far Left journalists in the MSM.

Bob Owens and Patterico completely dismantle the LA Times attempt to report on the story.
If the LA Times had any scruples they would post corrections or pull the article.
It is that bad.


If TNR would just kill the reports, it would save the MSM a load of embarrassament.
Kill it already!

More: TNR Is Going Down By the Mast

UPDATE: The LA Times refuses to correct their shoddy reporting.

UPDATE 2: I haven’t been linking on the sock-puppetry story but Jules Crittenden is following the Greenwaldian saga.

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