Islamic Militants Behead 4 "Sons of Bush" In Public Square

The fighting continued in the Swat region of Pakistan between Islamic radicals and government forces late last week.

Aljazeera released this video report on the fighting in Swat.

Meanwhile… Islamic radicals beheaded four law enforcement officials in public on Friday in front of the villagers.
Global Incident Map and Dawn reported:

Militants on Friday publicly executed four law-enforcement personnel in a village, 16km west of Mingora, the district headquarters, and exchanged heavy gunfire with security forces in a nearby sub-district.

“It was gruesome,” was how a resident of Shakkardarra described the scene of beheading of the law-enforcement personnel.Requesting anonymity, he told Dawn on phone that masked militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles brought the four men to the village at around 5pm, fires a few shots in the air and then beheaded them.

The men, said to be in their mid-20s, had their hands tied together. They were pushed to the ground on the main Matta-Mingora road and had their heads chopped off.

“Let this serves as a warning to all those who spy for the government or help the government. All sons of Bush will meet similar fate,” the resident quoted one of the militants announcing shortly before the execution.

“We watched the gory scene in shock and horror. We felt so helpless. There was fear and gloom in the village,” he said.

Strategy Page is reporting this morning that after getting a pounding the Islamic radicals in the Swat Valley are asking for a truce.

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