Iraqis Complain of Iranian Bias In Iraqi News

An interesting article at Kitabat, Iraq and translated at Watching America tells of a biased satellite news service in the democratic Iraq:

We all heard and saw the report of Commander of American Forces, General David Petraeus – when he testified before U.S. Congressional committees and emphasized Iranian interference in Iraq, resulting in the destabilization of security and stability due to criminal bombings and murder.

Considering the fact that Iraq’s satellite channels are meant to reflect the nation’s professional media, one would imagine that they would shed some light on such reports about Iranian interference. Simply by virtue of the seriousness of the subject, one would expect special programming featuring military and political analysts as a natural element of their work.

But as we expected, Iraq’s satellite channels are silent, having completely ignored the issue of Iranian interference. Instead, they continue to provide programs of utter inadequacy!


Moreover, Iraqi satellite news continued on course by deliberately failing to mention the arrest of a member of Iranian intelligence by the American army in Northern Iraq last week, despite the importance of this story to the mass-media everywhere else!

Instead, we see Iraqi channels mounting a sustained campaign of incitement against the American army and security companies, exploiting an incident sparked by one of these firms [Blackwater ]. Of course, we know that this campaign is part of Iran’s anti-American scheme that seeks to oppose America in Iraq by means of Shiite parties, al-Qaeda and remnants of the Baath Party .

This is all part of Iran’s cunning plan to disseminate the poisonous fumes of sectarianism in Iraq, since the Iraqi satellite channels broadcast the Shiite call to prayer, but not the Sunni, host Shiite clerics but very few Sunni; and even on a popular game show, a team from a Shiite area is matched with one from a Sunni area, which is intended to sow sedition and help dismember Iraq. And who is the primary beneficiary of all this devastation? Iran.

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