Iraqi Shia Honor Iraqi Sunni Hero- Name School After Abu Risha

Iraqi Shia Honor an Iraqi Sunni Hero.
This may not be something the mainstream news believes should be reported, but it is a wonderful story.

Sunni tribal leader Abdul Sattar Abu Risha shakes hands with President Bush during a meeting in Anbar province, Iraq, in this September 3, 2007 file photo. Abu Risha, who was instrumental in driving al Qaeda out of Iraq’s Anbar province, was killed by a bomb attack on September 13, 2007, less than two weeks after he met Bush. Abu Risha was killed near his home in Ramadi, capital of Anbar. He was the most influential leader of an alliance of Sunni Arab tribes that joined forces with U.S. troops to push al Qaeda from much of the western region. (Jason Reed/Reuters)
-Notice who is in the background.

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina from an article in Iraq’s Buratha News on October 6, 2007:

A school in Shiite Nejaf is named after Sunni Tribal leader Abdulstar Abu-Risha

Mr. Majed Alsudani director of department of education in Nejaf (Shiite center of Iraq) province announced that a school has been named to honor recently killed Sunni tribal leader Abdulstar Abu-Risha (Sunni tribal leader, founder of the Anbar awakening movement and recently killed by Alqiada in Iraq after meeting with president Bush) in the Selam district in Nejaf city.

He added this action is to recognize Abdulstar Abu-Risha’s stance against terrorist takfiries in Anbar province. These takfiries tried to defile the province’s name by promoting sectarian killings and terrorist activity. Abdulstar Abu-Risha led a successful courageous stance of local tribes and families against these Alqaida takfiri terrorists.

Alsudani added; “This is not the first time the department honors and recognizes a Sunni leader who sacrificed for the good of Iraq. In 2005 we recognized and honored the martyr Uthman Alubaid who as one of our Sunni brethren who sacrificed himself to save many Shiites in Adhamiah during a terrorist ignited stampede on Aimah Bridge in which more than a thousand were killed. We are strong followers of teachings of the grand Ayatollah Ali Al-sistani which calls for denouncing sectarianism and intolerance and calls for embracing unity, and nondiscrimination for all Iraqis of all sects and religions.

Haider Ajina comments:


The Muslim Shiite center of Iraq is naming their schools in honor of Sunni leaders who sacrificed for the good of Iraq and its citizens. This is a shining example of how I remember Iraq when I was growing up. Prior to Saddam taking a strong role in dividing Iraqis along sectarian lines and oppressing those not of his ilk, the sectarian divide was minimally noticeable and made no difference to most Iraqis. This is returning now that all Iraqis are protected by law and represented by their government. They also share a common enemy in the Takfiries of Alqaida. Both Sunni & Shiite mosques are condemning these Takfiries and their intolerance and calling for the rejection of the Takfiri movement. Much of this is aimed at the Saudi Wahabi School.

Haider Ajina

Iraq’s Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi (R) distributes a cash bonus for newly married couples during a ceremony in Baghdad October 2, 2007. Iraq is offering a cash bonus to married Iraqi couples from different sectarian groups in a drive to heal rifts between communities and foster reconciliation. At a ceremony in Baghdad to launch the new initiative on Tuesday, 250 recently married couples from across Iraq accepted awards from Sunni Arab vice President Tareq al-Hashemi. Those in mixed marriages received $1,500. (REUTERS/Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud)

In related news… HotAir reports that the Sunni Alliance in Al-Anbar is stronger than ever since the murder of Abu Risha.

UPDATE: Michael Totten has another of his amazing reports from Iraq where he is traveling in Al Anbar Province.

FOX News is now carrying Michael Totten’s report. Terrific!

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