Iranian Regime Gives Innocent Students 7.5 Years in Prison!

This is horrible news…
Iran sentenced three of the arrested students from Amir Kabir University to 7.5 years in prison after extracting confessions from the students during torture at the infamous ‎Ward 209 in Evin Prison.

This is the flyer that was posted and circulated among students across Tehran demanding the release of fellow student leaders held by the regime after their arrests in May.

The Iranian Regime sentenced three university student leaders to 7.5 years in prison for their protests against the regime earlier this year.
Rooz Online reported this sad news:

Though the three detained Amir Kabir University students have repeatedly denied ‎publishing material deemed insulting to Islam, and no evidence has been provided in ‎support of the charges, the judiciary sentenced the three students to a total of seven and a ‎half years in prison. ‎

Meanwhile, an Amir Kabir student news bulletin reported that the Amir Kabir University ‎president, who is accused by students of cooperating with the fabricators, is one of the ‎plaintiff’s in this case. In a related report, a conservative Majlis deputy asked the ‎judiciary to confront students who protested President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Tehran ‎University last week, labeling them as “American mercenaries.” ‎

According to the attorney representing the three students, the defendants have repeatedly ‎denied the charges. Several other students who were also arrested in relation to this case ‎and were later released have filed a complaint against members of Amir Kabir ‎University’s Basij organization for fabricating the insulting material. ‎

Majid Tavakkoli, Ehsan Mansouri and Ahmad Ghassaban have been sentenced to three ‎years, two years, and two and a half years in prison, respectively. There is no evidence in ‎this case other than confessions extracted from the student under torture at the infamous ‎Ward 209 in Evin Prison. ‎

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