Innocent Haditha Marine Speaks Out Against Murtha (Video)

Sean Hannity interviewed innocent Haditha Marine LCpl Justin Sharratt and his father Darryll Sharratt on Hannity’s America.

Justin Sharratt, one of the Marines accused of murder in Haditha, Iraq, and found innocent tells his story for the first time.
Here are a few comments by the Sharratts on Rep. John Murtha with a guest appearance by Jason Mattera:

Justin Sharratt responds to Rep. John Murtha’s charges against him and his fellow Marines. He says this when asked if he wants an apology from John Murtha:

“Not any more. It would be a waste of time in my opinion. What he’s said has already been said and what he’s done has already been done and it’s been over a year since it’s happened. So it would be too late in my opinion.

I sense a tinge of anger in young Justin when he discusses the Code Pink award winner.


Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt said in a radio interview with Sean Hannity earlier that he would be pressing charges against John Murtha.
We will be following that story- You can count on that.

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