HORROR IN BURMA- Junta Shoots Young Protester (Video)

More Horror Stories From Inside Myanmar.
A student protester is shot…

A young student is shot at a democracy rally in Burma when junta soldiers started firing on the crowd. (Democratic Voice of Burma)
The Independent reported:

Monks confined in a room with their own excrement for days, people beaten just for being bystanders at a demonstration, a young woman too traumatised to speak, and screams in the night as Rangoon’s residents hear their neighbours being taken away.

Harrowing accounts smuggled out of Burma reveal how a systematic campaign of physical punishment and psychological terror is being waged by the Burmese security forces as they take revenge on those suspected of involvement in last month’s pro-democracy uprising.

Burmese blogger Niknayman continues to update the world on the horrible crackdown.
Here a student protester is shot by Myanmar soldiers in Burma:
(Warning: Violent- 40 seconds)

Niknayman has more updates on the horrible crackdown and reports this: “The number of detainees is much more than what the junta has stated in their national newspaper. The number is estimated to be in the region of 10,000.”

Detained Buddhist monks are told, “You are no longer monks.”


A key democracy ally to Aung San Suu Kyi’s party has died after torture and interrogation.
Asia Pacific News reported:

Win Shwe, a 42-year-old member of the opposition National League for Democracy, was arrested on September 26 near Myanmar’s second city of Mandalay, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said in a statement.

He was held along with four other people for joining anti-government protests led by Buddhist monks in Mandalay.

“He died as a result of torture during interrogation. However, his body was not sent to his family and the interrogators indicated that they had cremated it instead,” the Thailand-based watchdog said.


Soldiers have arrested even the AIDS patients from Maggin Monastery. They also took everything from the monastery, including a sack of rice and locked it up. In another monastery (Chaut Htat Kyi Pha Yar Win – Thar Tha na Gone Yi), the soldiers beat up all the monks including the highest resident monk at the monastery and locked up that monastery as well. In military-run newspaper, the junta accused the monasteries of possessing pornographic materials, Literature from NLD (National League for Democracy) party, and headbands bearing a Nazi swastika or a US flag.

Protesters run as soldiers fire on the crowd. (Picasa)

Don’t worry- The UN is there to protect you.

More at Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007.

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