"Harry Hears a Who" …Dr. Seuss Offers Reid Advice

It’s been a rough week for Majority Leader Reid.
His performance has not been up to top speed.

So Harry is probably feeling grumpy and blue.
His poll ratings are really low, too.
Too bad, Harry.
Too bad for you.
The people now have a clear picture of you…

But, don’t be upset, Harry,
Don’t be untrue.
Dr. Seuss may have an answer or two.

So keep your chin up Harry.
Don’t be so sad.
Don’t be so pouty, and mopey and mad.
That good news from Iraq may make you look bad.
But only because you said “This war is lost” you cad.
And, now we are winning, And, we all are glad.
Except for you and Pelosi and grave diggers?Egad!

Hat Tip Robert Hyland for the Pics

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