GW Student: "I want the Sharia law imposed in my country"

Jihad Watch reported on this exchange at George Washington University the other night after David horowitz spoke on campus.

GW student dreams to be half a man:

Jihad Watch reported:

Those words are spoken by a Muslim woman, apparently a student of George Washington University, in this Incorrect U video (the top one) of GWU Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week festivities. It’s at right about the five-minute mark.

Maybe she doesn’t mean the United States. Hard to say. But she may.

“Imposed.” Not “voted in,” or even “instituted.” “Imposed.” The forcible subjugation as inferiors of women and religious minorities. “Imposed.” An Islamic supremacist system that denies the freedom of conscience, stones adulterers, and amputates the hands of thieves.

Did you notice that none of her young friends standing with her called her on her outrageous request.


Astute Bloggers has more.

MORE… Incorrect U has an update on this young woman.

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