Dutch Decide to Bore Rioting Youth Into Submission

Klein Verzet continues to report on the car torchings in Amsterdam.
This was from Thursday:

Last night three cars in Buitenveldert (NL, with photo), southern Amsterdam went up in flames. The police are investigating whether they hold any connection to earlier fires… Any guesses?

Car-b-ques continue in Amsterdam:


After several nights of torchings and no arrests, the Dutch are trying a new approach to squelch the violent Muslim youth behind the car torchings:

Last night another 2 cars burnt out in Amsterdam-West (NL). And again nobody could be arrested. The ineffectiveness of the Amsterdam police and authorities in the face of this ongoing harassment is beyond disgraceful. Words like ‘feeble’, ‘incompetent’, ‘spineless’ or ‘clueless’ don’t even begin to describe my opinion of both. They might be men, but they give off a stunning impression of aging, feeble women.

But there’s a reason for this. In Trouw today the lack of reaction is explained as ‘avoiding giving the moroccan youth a podium’.

That’s right: If we don’t do anything, or say anything, the scum’ll get bored with it soon enough. We are going to bore them into behaving themselves. And untill then ‘tough luck’ to any well-behaved citizen who sees his sweat-and-toil go up in flames. That’ll show them!

So far, it’s not working:

For continual Car-b-que updates check out Klein Verzet.

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