Democrats: The Party of the Bogus Poster People

Bogus Poster Can Granny…

With some helpful union prompting, the 79-year-old widow stood up last week at a Gore town meeting in Iowa to explain how she walks the highway, picking up cans so she can afford to pay for food since she has to pay $250 a month for her prescriptions. Executive Editor Scott Hogenson took the initiative to call Mrs. Skinner. He found the opposite of a desperate woman itching for a new entitlement. She made it clear she’s not interested in federal assistance. “No, no, I don’t want the taxpayers to pay for my medicine,” Skinner told Hogenson. “I’m a proud person and I want to earn it and I want to do it on my own. I don’t accept charity and I don’t get food stamps. I qualify, but I don’t get them because I don’t want the taxpayers to support me.” Skinner’s children are financially comfortable, but she won’t accept any help from them. More to the (political) point, The Washington Post noticed Mrs. Skinner was encouraged to attend the Gore meeting by her colleagues in the United Auto Workers union. (Media Research)

Bogus (and convicted) Poster Mom…

Democratic poster child Jennifer Bush with her mother Kathy who served time fo welfare fraud. (prisonpotpourri) In 1996, Hillary Clinton propped up young Jennifer Bush, a seven-year-old with mystery ailments whose mother coached her to lobby for universal health care Jennifer was trotted out to present the Clintons a lucky silver dollar “to bring you good luck so everyone can have good insurance.” Jennifer’s mother was later convicted of aggravated child abuse and welfare fraud for misrepresenting $60,000 in assets on Medicaid forms- via Michelle Malkin.

Bogus dead people…

This (embryonic) stem cell ad with children did not honestly represent the issue and said that the Republican opposed all stem cell research. This was not true. It was just embryonic stem cell research, killing embryos, that the Congressman opposed.

Bogus Soldier Stories… soldier Josh Lansdale made bogus charges against the state of Missouri and made up bogus stories about his combat experience in Iraq. He starred in Claire McCaskill ads.

Bogus Kerry story…

Mary Ann Knowles did not have to work through her chemotherapy to keep her health insurance. John Kerry said she did.

Bogus poor?…

Graeme Frost, a child who suffered injuries in a car accident, was the prop the week for democratic leaders Reid and Pelosi to use in their SCHIP’s Campaign to expand the federal government. The Frost family turned out to be not so poor.

Michelle Malkin has more on the democratic poster child abuse.
Democracy Project gets personal.

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