De Palma Furious Dead US Soldiers Cut From Vile Film (Video)

During an interview on his recent anti-American film, “Redacted”, showing US soldiers raping and killing a woman in Iraq, Brian de Palma was furious that photos of dead US soldiers were cut from the final production!

Bill O’Reilly aired the clip of the exchange between De Palma and a film distributor at the New York Film Festival.

The video was captured at the New York Film Festival on Monday as De Palma demanded that the dead US soldiers be shown in his film.
World Entertainment News reported on De Palma’s despicable outburst:

The Carrie filmmaker is furious photos of real life G.I.s wounded in Iraq have had their faces obscured on the end credits of his film Redacted, reports New York Daily News.

Speaking at a Q+A at the New York Film Festival on Monday (08Oct07), he said, “Redacted is, in fact, redacted. The montage of photographs at the end, I had nothing to do with (obscuring the photos). It’s because Mark Cuban, the man that financed this movie, was disturbed by them.

Eamonn Bowles, president of Magnolia Pictures – the film’s distributors – called the claims a lie, insisting, “It’s a legal issue, and we’re going to resolve it.”

De Palma snapped back, “Yes, we are, I felt my cut was violated, and I am seeking to have those pictures unredacted.”

The forthcoming film tells the story of U.S soldiers fighting in Iraq.

If you call the raping and murdering Iraqi women “fighting in Iraq”…
But, then again, maybe that’s what the media believes is going on over there.

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