BET Honors Black Kids Who Beat White Kid Unconcscious

Beat an Innocent White Kid Unconscious-
–Get a Cool Gig on BET Network!

Jena 6 felons Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones give out “video of the year” honors at the BET Hip Hop Awards!

If you missed it, you can see it tonight…
The Hip Hop Awards Show will be rebroadcast tonight on BET at 8:00 PM EST.

Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones flash the “6” sign.
Sweetness and Light reports on this horrific cultural news.


It was a great honor and all they had to do was beat a kid unconscious!
How cool is that?

Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones of The ‘Jena 6′ having a cool time at the BET Awards. (S&L)

From the BET Hip Hop Awards website we get this:

Best Sign that Hip-Hop Can Force Social Change: Two of the Jena Six, Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis acknowledged their supporters and presented the award for Video of the Year.

That’s right! Social Change!
What kind of social change, we’re not sure.
…All you have to do is beat an innocent white kid unconscious!

This photo released by the LaSalle Parish District Attorney’s Office shows the real victim Justin Barker in the hospital after he was beaten unconscious on Dec. 4, 2006 in Jena, La by six black students. Barker, who was cold-cocked unconscious, was treated and later released from the hospital. (Sweetness and Light and AP)

It makes you wonder what they are trying to teach the children.

But then again… Last year anti-Semite Louis “the levees were blown up” Farrakhan was the BET Man of the Year.

Green Mountain Politics has more on this outrageous stunt by BET.

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