Afghan Singer Farhad Darya Rescues Child Laborers

Farhad Darya, a popular Afghan singer, is raising money for poor Afghan shildren who are not able to attend school.

While touring Europe in 2002, Farhad Darya donated a part of his tour’s proceeds to “HAREE SCHOOL” a private school run by Mr. S. Ghafoor Jalali in Kashan (Iran) where 1820 Afghan immigrant children learned and studied. (Farhad Darya)

Popular Afghan singer Farhad Darya has started a fund to rescue child laborers and help pay their way to school. reported:

One of Afghanistan’s most famous popular singers, Farhad Darya, has launched a project to encourage poorer children to attend school. Mr Darya has set up a fund to help around 2,000 Afghan families, whose children have to work.

He said that he intended to put around $50,000 into the fund himself, and to travel abroad to raise more money.

The aid agency, Oxfam, has estimated that around half of Afghanistan’s children do not go to school.

However, attendance is still much higher than it was when the country was ruled by the Taleban.

Farhad Darya is currently touring the United States. A schedule of his concerts can be found at his website FarhadDarya.

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