Turkey Is Latest Country to Build Apartheid Fence

Turkey joins Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India… in announcing plans to build a separation barrier.
ADN Kronos reported:

Erbil, 7 Sept. (AKI) – Turkey will erect a separation wall along the border with northern Iraq aimed at stopping infiltration of rogue elements of the nationalist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) inside their territory, the Turkish daily Yeni Shefak reported, quoting unnamed military sources.

The Turkish army will built a 470 km separation wall along the border with Iraqi Kurdistan at an estimated cost of 2.8 million dollars, the paper said.

Tthe wall will be protected with surveillance cameras, while rugged areas where the wall cannot be built will be electronically controlled to detect any violation of borders, the paper said

The PKK has established their headquarters on Mount Qandil, near the borders of Iraq and Iran.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by the European Union, the United States and NATO, and has been fighting for autonomy in southeast Turkey since 1984. The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people.

Turkey has threatened to invade northern Iraq to eradicate rebel bases there if Iraqi forces fail to stop PKK attacks.

Well, this does give Jimmy Carter an excuse to write another book.
But, it is doubtful that this will ignite the same passions in Jimmy as the Israeli separation barrier.

Saudi Arabia condemned Israel at the UN General Assembly and voted to refer the Israeli fence to the International Court of Justice in 2004- before they announced that they too would be building a separation barrier.


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