The Horror!! 19,000 Dead Terrorists in Iraq

To the Horror of Democrats & Terrorist Regimes- The US Is Winning in Iraq
And, quite impressively…

For the first time sine the war began the US military has released data on militants killed in Iraq.
USA Today reported:

More than 19,000 militants have been killed in fighting with coalition forces since the insurgency began more than four years ago, according to military statistics released for the first time.

The statistics show that 4,882 militants were killed in clashes with coalition forces this year, a 25% increase over all of last year.

The increase in enemy deaths this year reflects more aggressive tactics adopted by American forces and an additional 30,000 U.S. troops ordered by the White House this year.

This is not good news for Michael Moore’s Minutemen:

Via Iraq Coalition Casualty Count 9-27-2007.

And, to add insult to injury–
Fewer Saudis are choosing to explode in Iraq today.
It is truly a bad day for US democrats.


Oh… And, the US military had their lowest number of fatalities this month than they have had any month all year.

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