Tammy Bruce Outs the Far Left "Gestapo" Media (Video)

Tammy Bruce talks on The O’Reilly Factor about the serious gestapo-like tactics of the Far Left-mainstream media alliance. This includes the familiar practice of smearing individuals who they do not agree with (Example: O’Reilly) or who carry an opposing message (Example: Petraeus) without any basis of reality to their charges.

Tammy Bruce explains that the Left does this so that the person who is being attacked will then be marginalized- their voice silenced:

Tammy Bruce at her blog adds this:

In actuality, Media Matters’ message, when they attack a Bill O’Reilly is really a message to everyone else: Look at what we do to him if he says something we can twist. Imagine what we can do to you. Also meant as an intimidating warning is the fact that MM (the new SS) tapes and watches everything non-leftists do and say in the media.

Ultimately, you will see these sorts of attacks ramped up as we move into the 12 months prior to the ’08 election. The left, Soros, and his political and media thugs, cannot withstand independent voices and they will work overtime to silence them. Let’s make sure these new gestapos fail.

Bill O’Reilly is dealing with the smear merchants in the mainstream media right now who have dishonestly portrayed him as a racist by cherry-picking from a radio interview he had with liberal commentator Juan Williams.
Of course, all of the mainstream media outlets are running with this flimsy story that is based on a lie- Pretty sick stuff!


Earl Ofari Hutchinson comes to Bill’s defense.

Brian Maloney offers Bill O’Reilly some sage advice.

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