Syria Fires on Israeli Planes

Syrian officials said today that they fired on Israeli planes flying into Syrian air space.
The Jerusalem Post reported this news from last night:

Syrian officials reported that four or five IAF aircraft broke the sound barrier and dropped fuel tanks over deserted areas of northern Syria, along its border with Turkey.

It was not clear if Syria was accusing the Israelis of using warplanes or some type of other aircraft like drones.

“The Israeli enemy aircraft infiltrated into the Arab Syrian territory through the northern border, coming from the Mediterranean heading toward the eastern region, breaking the sound barrier,” the spokesman said.

“Air defense units confronted them and forced them to leave after they dropped some ammunition in deserted areas without causing any human or material damage,” he added.

The IDF said that it was “not accustomed to responding to such reports.”

The BBC and Aljazeera also reported the announcement by Syria.

In related news… Norwegian and British fighters scrambled twice Thursday to monitor eight Russian bombers that neared the Nordic country’s territory- FOX News.

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