South American Terrorist Mocks Osama Bin Laden

Fausta translates a report by friend Jose Brechner, a former Bolivian Congressman, on the Radical Islamist-Comunist marriage in South America:

In a recent interview, Carlos the Jackal laughed remorselessly when asked about his murders, and criticized Al Qaeda by saying, “They are not professional. They are not organized. They don’t even know how to make explosives or detonators well.”

Hezbollah Venezuela refers to Jose Miguel Rojas Espinosa – the mastermind of the terrorist attack against the American Embassy in Caracas – as “the first mujeheddin, an example of strength and dignity in Allah’s cause, the first prisoner of war of the Revolutionary Islamic Movement in Venezuela.” The group is linked to Argentinian socialist-terrorist Norberto Rafael Ceresole, who is allegedly linked to the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) attack in 1994, and who is the acting ideologue for Chavez and Morales’s regimes of Socialism for the 21st Century.

There is much more at Fausta’s blog.

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