Myanmar Officials Hide Bodies- UN Delegate Arrives for Show

Ko Hla: A high school student was shot down in South Oakkalapa Township yesterday. The student’s parents managed to get his body but the military search the whole quarter and took the body by force, later.

Ko Hla: Today, there were troops in the downtown Yangon. They search every bag and if someone got caught with camera in it, they would arrest him. They arrested anyone that they suspect – even the locksmith from Annaw-ya-htar Road was arrested. Received this news when the Internet connection was back for a while.

Ko Hla: From Internal Source: Now, a split within Myanmar’s ruling junta has emerged. Several ministers such as Aung Thaung, Maung Thaung, Kyaw Hsan, Maung Oo and Thein Zaw are on Gen. Than Shwe side. Generals split between those who want to follow General Than Shwe and those who want to follow Gen. Maung Aye. According to a brigadier general, Gen. Maung Aye gave command the military force to short to the people who loot and destroy public’s properties. But Gen. Than Shwe followers do not agree with that command. That BG also suggests the protesters should not shout slogan against the entire military force.


Ko Hla: In Mandalay, monks have requested people to watch out for own security due to military and thugs raids in monasteries. Monks suggested fellow-monks and people make warning sound by hitting hollow-wood-gongs or tin-containers when soldiers, police or stranger com in to quarters. This kind of arrangement should be announced in Yangon city as well.

Admin: Phone numbers of American Embassy in Ygn : 379880, 379881, 379883, 370963, 370964, 370965

Admin: URGENT: Army is currently entering almost all the monastries in Yangon now and shooting the people.

Burma-Myanmar Genocide has a roundup of blogger coverage from Burma.

Ko Hla: Monks, who were captured on the September 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th for a peaceful protest, are now being detained in Kyite-Ka-San Horse Racing Arena. The monks are not allowed to wear robes, they are forced to squat down as prisoners under the sun during the day-time and are forced to change into civilian clothes.

*** The Democratic Voice of Burma is asking for pictures, videos, and messages of support for the Burmese democracy protesters.

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