John Edwards: "We Can't Build Enough Prisons" -For Black Men (Video)

At the MTV/MySpace debate in Durham, New Hampshire.
John Edwards let this slip out during his not so “presidential dialogue”:

Question: What would you do to help eliminate inner city kids from partaking in violence?”

John Edwards: That’s a good question.

…I don’t think their’s a silver bullet to this. We start with the president of the United States saying to America, “We cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem.”

And, the idea that we are going to just keep incarcerating and incarcerating, soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead.


Here’s the video (43 seconds):

HERE is the full clip.


Could you imagine a Republican saying something so false and racist?
…And, not have this on every wire service by now?

I pity the fool Republican who would ever say anything so insulting.
Where’s the outrage???
Hat Tip Sean Hannity

HotAir has more on this gross display of racism.

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