Iran Attacks "Zionist" United Colors of Benetton

Iran attacks Benetton conglomerate for links to “Internationsl Zionism.”
AKI reported:

Tehran, 28 Sept. (AKI) – Iran’s pro-government Fardanews has described as a “Zionist” Luciano Benetton, main stakeholder in Italian clothing conglomerate Benetton as a “Zionist who is about to open a chain of stores in the Islamic Republic.”

“Benetton is not liked by the world’s Muslims, either for his publicity campaigns, for his links with international zionism,”

The Treviso based Benetton Group has been negotiating with Iran for years to be able to operate directly in the Iranian market.


Benetton clothing is currently sold in many boutiques in Iran which import its goods directly from Dubai.

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