Hooray! Abbas Wants to Reunite Gaza & West Bank

Good Luck…
Maybe he forgot about the little scuffle that saw a few of his Fatah members chucked from building tops– his fighters executed in the streets.

This is how Hamas respects their Fatah associates…

Palestinian Fatah party supporters run after members of the Hamas Executive Force arrest several people during a rally following Friday noon prayers in Gaza City. More than 10,000 Palestinians have defied Hamas to pray outside in the biggest protest in the Gaza Strip since the radical Islamist movement captured control of the territory two months ago.(AFP/Mohammed Abed)

Abbas said today that he would not allow elections until the West Bank and Gaza are reunited.
EUX.TV reported:


Ramallah (dpa) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pledged Tuesday not to hold new elections in the Palestinian territories until the Hamas-administered Gaza Strip is reunited politically with the West Bank, where his Fatah party is the dominant movement.

“The elections won’t be held unless the nation is united,” Abbas told a joint news conference in Ramallah with visiting Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer.

Abbas recently said he would call new elections, following Hamas’ violent takeover of the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the break up of the unity government and left the Palestinian territories divided politically as well as geographically.

But no date was set, and analysts were sceptical whether Hamas, which swept to power in the January 2006 elections and has rejected the call for new elections, would allow voting to take place in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday Abbas clarified that his recent decree was meant to “modify the electoral law,” and that the elections should be held at the same time in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Hamas is shutting down Fatah Friday prayers in Gaza.

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