Hamas Relieves Fatah Member From Official Duties

During the factional wars in Gaza back in June there were reports that Hamas was flinging Fatah supporters from the tops of buildings in Gaza City.
Those weren’t just rumors.

A recent Palestinian video shows a Fatah member relieved of his official duties in Gaza:
(Warning- Violent free fall from 18th floor)

Palestinian Maan News reported on the violence:


Israeli TV on Monday night broadcast photos allegedly showing an officer of the Palestinian presidential guards being thrown from Al-Ghafari Tower, near the port west of Gaza City.

The pictures were captured on a mobile phone and show officer, Ayman Sweirki, of the Fatah-affiliated presidential guards, being cast from the top of the tower.

At the time of the incident, Fatah accused the Hamas-affiliated Executive Force of controlling the tower. The EF denied the allegations at the time.

Sweirki was thrown from the tower on the 8th of June, during the internecine clashes between Fatah and Hamas. Hamas claimed that he was thrown from the 18th floor of the building, which they alleged, remained under the control of the presidential guards.

Gaza is now under new management.

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