Gathering of Eagles Report Out on Weekend Protest

Democracy Project has Larry Bailey’s after-action report on his organization’s week in Washington, D.C.

And, Julieann from St. Louis made the trip all the way to Washington DC to support the troops. Here is part of the report she sent:

The people in this so called march. Where did they get them. College campus, and the homeless shelters?????

The one that was really scary was this group of young men and women who were draped in Palastine scarves, and screaming .and I called to the young man. Why are you so angry. And he just yelled get out of Iraq and let us have our state!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked him if he was a student? No. He yells. I was born here I am a citizen.

So I asked him why he wasn’t in the military supporting his country. And he spat, “I hate Americans. They die.” And I told him he needs to leave and move to where ever and start his own state. I told him that he was a coward, and a traitor. He made a grab for me and was spitting and evil. And this lady (use the term loosely) came up and told him to move on… And, then told me to shut the f—- up.

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