FATWA ON BOLLINGER! —Tough Questions For Ahmadinejad

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina sends a list of questions for Mahmoud.
Don’t expect the any Western media outlet to ask these questions of Ahmadinejad any time too soon.

Greetings Jim,

I have been very surprised that no one is putting some hard question to Ahmadinejad like the following:

** Who is Imam Almehdi?
** What has to happen before Almehdi returns?
** What is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doing for the return of Almehdi?
** When is Armageddon coming and what is he doing to prepare his country for it?
** What has happened to Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeni Boroujerdi and his followers…(Boroujerdi advocates separating religion from politics and government as do many Shia Muslims in Nejaf, Iraq).

** What does he think of Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeni Boroujerdi ideas regarding religion and politics?
** What is the power of the supreme leader and supreme council, who elects them and how do they get on the ballot?
Why does the supreme council have to approve all who go on a ballot for elections?

And on and on…

His answers to a few of these questions and others like them will reveal how out of touch he is with ordinary Muslim and Shiite beliefs. The questions will also show the danger of his belief and what a farce the claim is of democracy in Iran.

And, Iranian-American Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi sends the latest from Iran— A FATWA ON BOLLINGER:

I just heard from Iran…one of the big time
Ahmadinejad supporters, member of the Majles has attacked Bollinger and has
called for the Mullahs to put a fatwa on him and the various heads of
Columbia for insulting Ahmadinejad!

The Iranian Republic News Agency also lashed out at Bollinger:


“It is a shame for an academic center that such hateful and impolite words are uttered by its president. It is regretful that the media owners easily elicit what they want the president of a reputable university to say in his lecture,” they said in the letter.

“Your statement about Iran was full of undocumented charges brought by the media and some of which were the outcome of misunderstanding which needs dialogue and closer study,” it said.

Yes- We must really study if the Holocaust was an actual event.

And, another member of the Iranian Parliament lashed out at Bollinger, via IRNA:

Member of Parliament (Majlis) Abdolmajid Shoja said on Tuesday that the offensive behavior of Columbia University chancellor towards President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad betrayed the US administration’s weakness in facing Iran.

Shoja also told IRNA that all nations worldwide respect their guests, but he (chancellor of Colombia University) insulted the high-ranking Iranian official (president) in a country which claims to be cradle of democracy, culture and civilization.

They had better raise their critics and viewpoints in form of questions, he said, adding that the US academic could have spoken to Ahmadinejad more politely.

He said that the US tries to wage a propaganda campaign to suffocate Iran’s voice, adding that Iran is the symbol of rightness in the world, therefore, the US does not want its voice heard by other nations.

Also… South Africa-Iran-Tutu Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu criticized the American government yesterday.

More… Persian Sockpuppets?

UPDATE: Jules writes on The Mission of A’Jad

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