Fantastic! Because of Surge Gains- Bush to Announce Troop Cuts!

Fantastic! Because of recent successes from the Bush Surge of troops this year, the president will announce major troop cuts in Iraq this week!

Successful results like the decrease in number of attacks in Anbar Province because of the Bush Surge of troops in Iraq means that more troops will come home by next summer.
The BBC reported:

President George W Bush will this week announce he plans to reduce US troops in Iraq by about 30,000 by next summer, White House officials say.
They say the cuts, with conditions attached, will be announced by the president in a major TV address.

The move would bring the number of US troops in Iraq to “pre-surge” levels.

The US top military commander in Iraq and the US envoy in Baghdad have told Congress that the surge, launched in February, is working.

President Bush will make the speech on Thursday night at 2100 local time (0100GMT on Friday).

CNN has more on the troop cuts announcement.

General Petraeus discussed recommended troop reductions during his hearings this week in front of Congress.

Charts from the Petraeus report to Congress this week, via Multi-National Force Iraq and HotAir.


Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of Multinational Force Iraq, told the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees Monday in Washington that the surge in Iraq is showing progress, and that he believes troop reductions to pre-surge levels could begin by summer 2008 without jeopardizing gains made. (MNF-Iraq)

National Review Online discusses the cautious optimism from Petraeus and Crocker and notes the posture and professionalism of the two American patriots.

Michael Gerson at The Washington Post congratulates Petraeus for holding his fire this week- even after the nasty attacks from Harry “We lost” Reid and Dick “Gulag” Durbin on his integrity.

Meanwhile… Iranian officials blasted the Petraeus-Crocker report to Congress and that the men would not rescue the United States from the Iraq quagmire.

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