Burma Protests Fizzle As World Turns Back on Slaughter

The world turns its back on Burma.

Don’t expect the Western media to speak up too much against the slaughter in Burma.
They certainly don’t want to take any chances and give the warmongering neocons any ideas.

Another photo was released of murdered Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai. He was shot dead by junta police right after this photo was taken. (DVB)

From a different angle Kenji Nagai is shot dead by a junta soldier. (DVB)


A few hundred brave democracy protesters gathered in Rangoon today.
The BBC has video from Rongoon.

Vaclav Havel Condemns World’s Non-Reaction to Slaughter in Burma
Via Glenn Reynolds and Comment As Free:

In the coming days – perhaps even hours – the destiny of Burma (also known as Myanmar), and the fates of over 50 million Burmese, will be decided. Today’s crisis has been brewing for many years. But nobody knew with any precision just when open revolt against Burma’s military dictatorship would erupt.

I fear that, with only a few exceptions, most countries have been surprised and caught off guard – once again – by the rapid course that events have taken in Burma. So they seem to be completely unprepared for the crisis and thus at a loss as to what to do.

How many times and in how many places has this now happened? Worse, however, is the number of countries that find it convenient to avert their eyes and ears from the deathly silence with which this Asian country chooses to present itself to the outside world.

In Burma, the power of educated Buddhist monks – people who are unarmed and peace loving by their very nature – has risen up against the military regime. That monks are leading the protests is no great surprise to those who have taken a long-term interest in the situation in Burma.

An overwhelming number of Burma’s Buddhist monks have found it difficult to bear the central and regional governments’ efforts to corrupt their monastic orders, and to misuse the example of the monks’ self-restraint to increase the pressure on other believers. Of course, without universal and coordinated international political, economic, and media support for these brave monks, all development in Burma may quickly be put back nearly 20 years.

Another dead student protester in Burma:

From the Democratic Voice of Burma website. (I posted a white circle over the bullet wound that is obvious in the original.)
How sad.

Free Burma is planning a symbolic protest on October 4, 2007.
It’s a nice gesture but it won’t take the guns from the junta.

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