Bayefsky: "What Ahmadinejad Said Was a Declaration of War"

United Nations expert Anne Bayefsky editor at EYE on the UN was interviewed about Ahmadinejad’s talk today.

Bayefsky explained that what Ahmadinejad said today was nothing short of a declaration of war and that as far as he is concerned the nuclear issue is over. Ahmadinejad also rejected Zionism, saying it was 60 years of illegitimacy.

Bayefsky was a guest today on the Glenn Beck Show and spoke about Ahmadinejad’s rant at the General Assembly.

Bayefsky also reveals that this was Mahmoud’s forum and he was loving it:


“…With 119 countries out of 192 member states belonging to the non-aligned movement. 56 of those non-aligned countries the single largest voting block make up the Organization of Islamic Conference. The UN is their playing field. They know it. And Ahmadinejad enjoyed every minute of it today.”

Anne Bayefsky also reveals this shocker- That Iran currently sits on the Disarmament Commission at the UN.
And, Iran of all countries, is helping plan the next Conference on Racism.

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