Ahmadinejad Returns Home to a Hero's Welcome! (Photos)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad returned home a hero after his very successful lecture at Columbia University and after thrashing the United States and the West at the United Nations.
Hero Mahmoud returns to Tehran…

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad returns home a hero after his brave stand at Columbia University.

The leaders of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) met the brave orator at the airport.



Tim Rutten at the LA Times agrees that it was a big win for the Iranian leader:

His Columbia engagement gives him what he wants — legitimacy — and his hosts look rude to Islamic eyes.

One of the world’s truly dangerous men, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, left New York a clear winner this week, and he can thank the arrogance of the American academy and most of the U.S. news media’s studied indifference for his victory…

Bollinger clearly had an American audience in mind when he denounced the Iranian leader to his face as a “cruel” and “petty dictator” and described his Holocaust denial as designed to “fool the illiterate and the ignorant.” Bollinger’s remarks may have taken him off the hook with his domestic critics, but when it came to the international media audience that really counted, Ahmadinejad already had carried the day. The invitation to speak at Columbia already had given him something totalitarian demagogues — who are as image-conscious as Hollywood stars — always crave: legitimacy. Bollinger’s denunciation was icing on the cake, because the constituency the Iranian leader cares about is scattered across an Islamic world that values hospitality and its courtesies as core social virtues. To that audience, Bollinger looked stunningly ill-mannered; Ahmadinejad dignified and restrained.

Back in Tehran, Mohsen Mirdamadi, a leading Iranian reformer and Ahmadinejad opponent, said Bollinger’s blistering remarks “only strengthened” the president back home and “made his radical supporters more determined,”

Rutten goes on to describe that this was not the first time that Columbia has invited a Jew-hating world leader to speak on campus.
It looks like some things never do change.

The children stayed up late to offer the great president flowers.


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