Ahmadinejad Meets With US Islamic Leaders

Iranian Mehr News is reporting that Ahmadinejad met with US Islamic leaders today in New York City:

Today, all nations are seeking peace, freedom and lasting security, Iranian President Mahmud Ahamdinejad said in a meeting of U.S. Islamic leaders on Monday.

People everywhere are seeking real freedom and feel weary of the current world conditions, he noted.

The only way to put the world affairs back into order is to return to justice and the worship of God and that is what the hearts are yearning for, he stated.


The president said the U.S. administration with its great financial resources is trying to prevent people from discovering the truth.

Iran condemns the production and use of nuclear weapons and believes that major powers should destroy their nuclear arsenals, Ahmadinejad said.

He pointed to Israeli crimes against Palestinians, saying, “Resolutions issued regarding the situation in Palestine are not implemented and I feel sure that American people do not like this and admit that Palestinians are right.”

Holocaust became a pretext for the occupation of Palestine and driving millions of people out of their homes and it is important to study various dimensions of this phenomenon, the president stated.

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