AHMADINEJAD at Columbia University

Mahmoud’s live on WCBSTV

The President of the University Lee Bollinger is currently talking about free speech- too bad that doesn’t mean free speech for all.
What a disgusting display!

WCBSTV also has a video of the outraged protesters outside of the campus HERE

Well, the kids rushed the stage when the Minutemen were there…
What sort of response will they give Mahmoud?


Columbia University graduate Steven Michael Gruber protests outside Columbia University, Monday, Sept. 24, 2007 in New York. Protesters gathered outside Columbia University to rally against the right of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to fulfill his controversial speaking engagement at the school. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Again– Like he did on 60 Minutes Mahmoud is going down his list of democratic talking points.
It looks like he is shooting for a standing ovation from the dhimmis.

Pajamas Media has a Mahmoud-Roundup.
HotAir is recording the speech.

Mahmoud is bashing Israel for “terrorizing” the Palestinians for 60 Years!

SO FAR… Not a peep from the audience. Not one peep!
The audience is his to lose. He has them in the palm of his hand.
They are cheering him on now!
Good Lord!
* * * * *

They are cheering the genocide promoter again.
This country is in worse shape than we realized.
Now, Ahmadinejad is lying about the treatment of non-Muslims in Iran.
(More applause)
I guess no one at Columbia saw this news today.

Mahmoud is explaining that the Iranian nation is a victim of terrorism.
Mahmoud says his government was the first to fight terrorism.
How sad… He is shifting the blame for terrorism on the US and the audience is eating this crap with serving spoons.
How very sad.
The schools in this country are failing miserably.

Mahmoud is pushing for more research on the Holocaust and the audience is not saying a word- not a peep.

FOX News has a pretty good report on the talk so far.
President Bollinger said:

“Ahmadinejad’s denial of the Holocaust might fool the illiterate and ignorant… When you come to a place like this it makes you simply ridiculous… The truth is that the Holocaust is the most documented event in human history.”

But, from the applause Mahmoud’s getting from the university audience, Bollinger is the one who looks ridiculous.

Mahmoud Ahadinejad is winding up his speech.
He was a huge hit at the university!
Obviously, the students did not rush the stage during this talk.

The leading democratic blog compares Ahmadinejad with another world leader:
Ahmadinejad and Bush: Parallels and Second Comings

After all, they are both enemies to the American Left.
Well, Bush is anyway.

More— BG commented below that Mahmoud claimed during his talk today that there was no problem with homosexuals in Iran. That they just don’t have them.

Maybe it’s because they EXECUTE THEM!

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