Advisors Tell Syrian President Assad to Strike Israel

After reports that Israel struck a chemical weapons facility in Syria this week, Assad’s advisors are telling him to strike back!

Advisors are telling Nancy Pelosi’s buddy, Syrian President Bashar Assad, to strike Israel!

The Jerusalem Post is carrying this unsettling news from the Mideast today.

Advisors to Syrian President Bashar Assad are pressuring him to respond to the alleged IAF attack by “landing a blow to an Israeli target,” the Kuwait-based Al-Jareeda reported Wednesday. According to the report, Israel targeted long-range missile batteries that were brought to Syria from Iran. The report said five IAF fighter jets carried out the attack.

Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shake hands in Damascus.

Israel Radio quoted the Kuwaiti paper to the effect that the group advocating a military response is being spearheaded by Assad’s brother in law, who has met in recent days with senior Hizbullah and Hamas officials in an effort to draw up an operation plan.

The Kuwaiti paper also reported that the Syrian army has begun drafting reservists from the armed corps, missile corps and anti-aircraft units, and quoted “sources in the know” who said the draft was a response to Israel raising its level of readiness in the north.

Earlier this week, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs published an article describing the tensions between Israel and this dangerous regime next door.


UPDATE… The US confirmed today that Israel hit its Syrian target last week… “The administration official said Israeli officials believed that North Korea might be unloading some of its nuclear material on Syria.”

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