A Bad Week For Media Matters- Caught in Another Lie

It was a horrible week for the liberal Soros-backed Media Matters.
It was also a horrible week for their partners in the mainstream media.

First the liberal group lied about Bill O’Reilly– and got busted!

Liberal reporter and commentator Juan Williams who was holding the racial conversation in question with O’Reilly is still defending O’Reilly.


So how did the Left respond?
Williams was slammed and called a “happy negro” for defending O’Reilly!
Funny… This did not seem to get any media attention. Is there any more proof needed to show how biased and corrupt today’s mainstream media has become?

Then they lied about Rush Limbaugh
The Anatomy of a Smear: “Phony Soldiers” Is a Phony Story

Johnny Dollar has proof of the lie- via LGF.
HotAir has more proof.
The Weekly Standard explains.

It was a very bad week for the Left Wing Lie Machine.
But, be assured they will be back next week and try to do it all over again.

Bill O’Reilly is right- Corruption in the liberal media is at an all-time high.

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