2007 Muslim Day Parade in NYC- A Day For Khilafah

UPDATE: For those who do not believe that there were Islamo-Fascist groups represented in this year’s parade, here is a parade advertisement by the radical Islamic Thinkers Society a group that was marching down Madison Avenue in New York City yesterday:

Notice the Islamic Flag flying above the White House!

Rocco DiPippo was at the Muslim Day Parade today in New York City.
Here are a few photos that he sent me from the annual parade:

Was this really the appropriate T-shirt to wear if you want to portray a moderate image of Islam to the masses two days before the anniversary of 9-11?

The obligatory Islamo-Fascist/Marxist literature was on display.

Pamela Geller the fabulous Atlas Shrugs blogger (on left) was protesting the parade and has some great shots and video posted.

Americans Against Hate organized a rally against the parade that has historically been attended by very radical members of the Islamic community.

It looks like radical democratic Representative Keith Ellison was not the grand marshall of the parade after all, even though advertisements still claim that Ellison is the grand marshall.

Or, not?

The fine print reads: “Patriotism under fire.”

Praying on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Rocco is going to post video and more photos from the parade at The Autonomist later tonight.

Urban Infidel has more photos from the parade.

UPDATE 2: Wouldn’t you know it?
A Democrat was marching with the terror supporters.

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