The Power of Persuasion: "Psychic Kidnaps 500 in Tehran"

Now that is a good psychic!
500 are kidnapped by a “psychic” in Iran.

How did he do it?… The power of persuasion? Positive thinking? Hypnosis?

Heck, no!
All he needed was Kalashnikov.

Iranian Fars News reported:

A masked man took hostage 500 people attending an academic meeting in the Convention Hall of Tehran University here Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said that the man who carried a Kalashnikov rifle merely intended to inform the audience of his personal problems. Eye-witnesses also said that the man intended to show some CDs and documents to the hostages.

According to the reports the hostage-taker used to be a member of the Iranian police and was upset with the way he had been treated by his former department.

Following the attack, the anti-riot squads and snipers of the Law Enforcement police rushed to the scene, but before they started operations, the man surrendered himself to the officials.

I believe tsomething was lost in translation on this one. I suspect they meant “psychotic” rather than “psychic”?


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