State Dept. Blasts Dems for Denying Aid to Colombia

Over one million people attended a protest against terrorism, violence and kidnappings, in Colombia on July 5, 2007. (REUTERS/Albeiro Lopera)

Here are a few previous posts on the very dangerous foreign policy moves by the Pelosi-Reid Congress in regards to our strongest ally in South America- Colombia:

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The US State Department blasted the democratic party for their dangerous political games they are playing with American ally Colombia.
The AP reported:


Failure to approve a free-trade agreement with Colombia and to reauthorize military and anti-narcotics aid to that country would imperil U.S. relationships throughout Latin America , the State Department’s third-ranking official said Friday.

The U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, which has stalled in Congress , has “taken on huge symbolic importance,” said R. Nicholas Burns , the undersecretary of state for political affairs.

“What would the message be if we said no to the people of Colombia ?” he said. “The message would be entirely negative for our policy in all the hemisphere.”

Burns, just back from a trip to Brazil , Chile and Uruguay , made the comments at a forum on U.S. diplomacy in Latin America that was sponsored by a government-financed research center.

The free-trade pact would do away with tariffs and expand trade between the U.S. and Colombia . Democratic lawmakers have blocked it over concerns about the killings of union leaders and allegations of links between the Colombian government and right-wing paramilitary groups. (This was only discovered because the Uribe government initiated and continues the investigation– But, this did not matter to US democrats.)

Sadly, this news was not available on the front of the State Department’s webpage.

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