Radical Iranian Militants Eye Manchester United Soccer Team

An Iranian militant group wants to buy the Manchester United soccer club and change its name to Khaybar.
Khabar to jihadists is known as the destruction of the Jews and the seizure of their property by the Muslims.
ADN Kronos reported:

Radical Iranian group Ansar Hezbollah, which backs the country’s hard-line president Mahmoud Ahmandinejad, has said it intends purchasing English club Manchester United.

“Once we’ve bought Manchester United we’ll change its name to Khaybar,” Ansar Hezbollah’s secretary general, Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi, said.

The oasis of Khaybar, located near the Muslim holy city of Medina in modern-day Saudi Arabia was the site of a battle in 629 AD in which its Jewish inhabitants were defeated by the Prophet Mohammed and his followers.

But it appears millions of fans around the world who support Manchester United – owned by US billionaire Malcolm Glazer, who is Jewish – have little to worry about.

The club’s press office on Wednesday dismissed the report saying Manchester United was not up for sale.

Of course, women would most likely be banned from the games if this were to happen.

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