Panic In Kano– Islamists Plan Theatre Attack After Naked Video

Angry Islamists are planning an attack on a popular movie house after a naked scene with a popular star was being spread by cell phone.

The movie star, Maryam Kiyana, is in hiding after Muslim clerics said she must be dealt with if found guilty according to Shari’a law (see stoning).

HERE actress Maryam Usman (Kiyana) sings a number in one of her Nigerian Hausa films.

Maryam Usman, a popular actress in the Kano district of Nigeria, went into hiding after someone released video of her laying naked next to her boyfriend Bobo. The Islamists in the district were outraged and threatened to attack the movie house. Maryam is now in hiding out of fear that she will be stoned for appearing in the naked video.


All Africa and ROP reported:

Residents of Kano State now live in fear, as Muslim groups are allegedly planning to attack the Hausa film actress, Maryam Usman, popularly known as Hiyana, over her x-rated video phone-clip circulating in the state, a move described by the Islamic group as immoral and abuse of Shariah law.

The clip caused public outcry in the state which resulted in Maryam’s expulsion by the film makers association, along with 17 other members.

Executive Secretary of Kano Film Censorship Board, Alhaji Abdulkadir Kurawa, in a press release made available to THISDAY, said the banned actress’ participation in film will threaten peace enjoyed in the state.

The other 17 members according to the release, were not connected to the phone clip, but were involved in immoral acts like homosexuality, fornification and drunkeness, contrary to Islamic law. Islamic clerics in the state have already urged their supporters to shun the film industry.

Kano is the home industry of Hausa film, being most of the people’s spoken the language across the state was now put under tight security due to fear over the escalating crises as a rsult of video phone clip that became the topic of discussion at every corner of the city while the sharia police, Hisbah, denied knowing the move to cause unrest in the state.

Police spokesman in Kano, SP. Baba Mohammed, was contacted by THISDAY correspondent but declined to comment. But, he assured that police are ready to disperse and arrest anybody move to cause panic in the state, adding that “I am assuring that our people are always on the ground and ready to ensure law and order” said the police spokesman.

The state film censorship board also described the video phone clip as an act of barbarism and a disgrace to humanity, the culture and norms of the good people of kano as well as a gross violation of Islamic society. It is a situation which they totally condemned and banned from circulation in the state.

Nigeria News has more on the sex film:

A Kano-based Hausa film actress known as Baby Hiyana was shown in a sex scene and this has caused a public outcry and has incurred the wrath of Muslim clerics in the North who said she must be dealt with if found guilty according to Shari’a law.

A video showing the popular Hausa actress said to be from Bauchi State, and her boyfriend (name withheld), has been widely circulated and it shows the mother of two children from an earlier marriage having sex and murmuring sweet words to her millionaire lover.

The lovers were completely naked and had several rounds of sex and were regularly praising each other in Hausa. The actress is now in hiding after the eight-minute mobile phone clip was circulated across the north.

An anonymous source said Hiyana was paid a big fee and a car after the movie was shot in Lagos.

She may want to take that car for a ride to the border!

Nigerian blogger Bahaushe Mai Ban Haushi! has more on Maryam and her boyfriend Bobo.

Leadership Nigeria has several comments on the theatre threats.

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