Palestinians Hold Soccer Tourney Named After Jew Killer

A mass murderer was remembered this week in the West Bank- the “moderates” named a soccer tournament after the killer.

On January 18, 2002 A Palestinian terrorist walked into a catering hall in Hadera, Israel, opened the doors of a ballroom where a 150 people were celebrating a Bat Mitzvah and opened fire with an M-16 submachine gun. Six Israelis were murdered in the barbaric, Palestinian terror attack. More than 30 other Israeli terror victims, including many children were taken to hospitals, bleeding, crying and clinging onto life. The terror attack took place just before 11 PM, as some of the guests started to leave the Hall while others were still dancing. Guests subdued the Arab terrorist by throwing chairs and bottles at him. He was taken outside the Hall, where he was discovered to have hand grenades. Police immediately opened fire on the terrorist, preventing further carnage.

Nina Kardashov (centre) had been celebrating her coming of age when Ziyad Da’as shot six of her party guests dead.


The Arab terrorist, Ziyad Da’as, a former Palestinian policeman, was a member of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah terror organization.

But, this week Ziyad Da’as was remembered as a hero by Palestinians after they named their soccer tournament after this mass murderer.
IMRA reported:

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to glorify terrorists and to present them as role models for children.

In a school in Tulkarem (West Bank) this week, a soccer tournament was named after Ziyad Da’as. Da’as planned the attack in which a gunman opened fire with an M-16 rifle at a Bat Mitzvah in Hadera in January 2002, killing six and wounding 30. He was also behind the kidnapping and murder of two Israelis in Tulkarem in 2001. Da’as, a Fatah-Tanzim city commander, was killed by Israel in August 2002.

Significantly, the article indicated that the tournament took place in a Palestinian school and that the school administration was thanked “for providing the means for its success.” Some Western governments have recently renewed funding of the Palestinian Authority, including its educational infrastructures, based on the assumption that schools are involved in positive education.

It should also be noted that in reporting the story, the PA daily glorified the terrorist as “one of the brave people of the Palestinian resistance.” The daily Al Hayat Al Jadida is owned by the Palestinian Authority, and is therefore indirectly funded by Western money.

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