Pakistani Official Answers Obama– Calls For Jihad

Well, a Pakistani official responded to Barak Obama’s (or, Obomb-ba) threats of invasion.
The Gulf Times reported:

Ruling coalition legislator and parliamentary Secretary for Defence Major(retd) Syed Tanveer Hussain (pictured below)has advised the Pakistan government to recognise the Taliban and open all corridors for militants to wage jihad for the “liberation” of Kashmir.

“India will not give freedom to the Kashmiris through dialogue so we have to wage a jihad and our mujahideen will secure the freedom of Kashmir within six months,” he said, while speaking in the National Assembly during a debate on Pakistan’s foreign policy, local media reported with shock yesterday.

The stunning speech of the parliamentary secretary got a positive response from the Islamist alliance Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, particularly when he praised the Taliban and asked the government to give a shut-up call to the US over its threats to Pakistan.

…Hussain said that Pakistan should also recognise the Taliban, who were the enemies of the US. “Taliban did not have any enmity with Pakistan but only with the US,” he added.

He alleged that the American CIA was killing the Chinese in Pakistan to harm the cordial relations between the two countries. He also asked the government to open all the corridors for the jihadis to enter Indian-administered Kashmir so that they could wage jihad against India.

“We cannot get Kashmir on negotiations table but through jihad,” he said, while raising the slogans of ‘Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad’.

He said the government should renounce its ‘love affair’ with America and reject all kinds of aid. “We should improve our relations with Iran, China and Russia as the US will not give us anything except threats,” he added.

The parliamentary secretary said Muslims were being killed throughout the world under a conspiracy but “we have turned a blind eye to the same”. He stressed: “Our foreign policy must be based on the Holy Qur’an.” — Internews

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that, “Statements by a Parliamentarian in the National Assembly preaching jihad in Kashmir and against the United States were individual views and did not represent Pakistan Government policy.”

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