Outrage on The House Floor- Smamp Politics Rule

It was a crazy night in the Pelosi Swamp
Here is the video of the US House meltdown:

Rep. Roy Blunt had this to say about the shameful democratic tactics displayed in the House last night:

I have left the House frustrated, I have left the House encouraged, I have left the House proud, I have left the House not so proud.

I have never left the House ashamed.

What I heard this morning, I don’t agree with it: the idea that we have massively violated the traditions of the House and the only penalty is we’ll be more careful in future. I decided for four years when that vote would quit as the Whip. We never stopped the vote before the clerk handed the person the piece of paper saying what the vote was — and the vote on the piece of paper was 215 to 213.

A majority of this House voted that illegal immigrants should not receive these benefits. That’s what the vote was about. All you’ve got to do is go back to committee, amend the bill, and come back to the floor. You lost the vote. I didn’t hit the gavel. I didn’t speak over the clerk who was trying to read the vote. The chair did. The chair decided the vote was over. It doesn’t matter what that board says. What matters is what the tally was. A week of violations of the principles of the House culminated last night in such an excessive way that Republicans walked off the floor.

The Politico describes the chaotic scene.


Rep. Eric Cantor lashes out against the democrats for illegally changing a vote on assistance to illegal immigrants, Video HERE.
Michelle Malkin says- “So much for most ethical Congress ever.”

MORE OUTRAGE from the Pelosi Swamp:

Top Outrages of the Democrat 110th Congress

** The Fix is In – Democrats Change House Vote to ensure illegal aliens get benefits: On August 2, Democrats fixed a House vote in order to defeat a motion that would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing funds. Last night, the House voted 215 to 213 to deny housing and employment to illegal immigrants on the annual agriculture spending bill. The votes were counted, but the Speaker closed the vote with his gavel. The Democrats then unilaterally and imperially overturned this result—defying 218 years of precedent. The Speaker reopened the vote to ensure that the motion was then defeated by a vote of 212 to 216, disenfranchising the American people and paving the way for illegal immigrants to receive federal housing and employment benefits.

Earlier this week, the Democrats voted to take billions from the Medicare Trust Fund, force millions of seniors off of Medicare Advantage, and tax every private health insurance plan in the nation, because they were determined to provide Medicaid to illegal immigrants. They did this by overturning a law, originally passed by Republicans, requiring individuals to validate their citizenship before receiving federal Medicaid benefits.

** Democrats pass Largest Tax increase in history: On March 29, House Democrats passed the FY2008 Budget –which sanctions the largest tax increase in American history, raising taxes. The last time the Democrats controlled Congress, they imposed the largest tax increase in American history, and today they managed to top that dubious distinction. Though they get an ‘A’ for tax-and-spend consistency, they get an ‘F’ for fiscal responsibility.

** Speaker Pelosi Requests taxpayer funded travel on Air Foce Jet to & From San francisco: Shortly after being elected Speaker by House Democrats, military sources revealed that Speaker Pelosi requested access to a military jet from the President’s fleet (which includes Air Force I and Air Force II) to fly to and from her district in San Francisco, along with family members and other members of the California Congressional Delegation. After military officials initially balked at providing the plane, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) Chairman of the Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Defense, threatened them, telling CNN that the Pentagon was making “a mistake” by leaking information unfavorable to the speaker “since she decides on the allocations for the Department of Defense.”

** House Democrats attempt to put indicted Congressman on Homeland Security committee: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership attempted to place Congressman William Jefferson on the Homeland Security Committee (giving him access to classified material and information), despite the fact that an FBI raid on his home yielded $90,000 in bribe cash inside his freezer. According to the Washington Post (2/14/07), “Jefferson was removed from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee, one of the most important panels in Congress, by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi last summer in an attempt to show how seriously Democrats viewed the allegations of corruption.” Under intense pressure from House Republicans, Speaker Pelosi has, at least temporarily, backed away from her effort to put Jefferson on the Committee.

** Powerful Democrat Committee Chairman Requests $2 Million Earmark to Build library, office for himself: Powerful Democrat Ways & Means Committee Chairman Rangel (D-NY) requested a $2 million earmark to create a “Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service” at the City College of New York. According to the Wall Street Journal (7/20 Politico Journal) the taxpayer money would “provide a well-furnished office for Congressman Rangel… and fund the Rangel Library,” which, according to brochure for the center “will be designed to hold the product of 50 years of public service by the major African-American statesman of the 20th and early 21st centuries.” When brought to the House floor for a vote, only one Democrat voted to kill the earmark.

** Democrats attempt to establish slush funds to hide earmark requests for taxpayer dollars from American people: Despite election year promises of transparency, accountability and reform, House Democrats attempted to include slush funds for billions in secret earmark requests in each appropriations bill this year. House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) announced that secret earmarks will be inserted into the bills during conference committee – AFTER the bills have been considered on the House floor, hiding them from the public view. After a strong and united effort, House Republicans were victorious in the effort to protect taxpayers from this onslaught of Democrat secrecy.

** Democrats recklessly spending taxpayer dollars, putting the next election over the next generation: Democrats are massively increasing the scope of government by recklessly spending with little regard for young Americans. So far this year, Democrats have attempted to spend nearly over $950 billion dollars, which is nearly 10 percent more than what the government spend last y
ear and more than $20 billion more than what the President requested be spent. This massive growth of government’s budget far outpaces the family budget and Americans’ ability to pay for their own government.

** Despite pledging to restore civility and integrity to Congress during elections, Democrats continue to threaten other members of the house, even attempting to challenge other representatives to fist fights: Within the last month, two Democrat members of Congress have threatened to inflict bodily harm on Republican Members of Congress. During a debate on an amendment to eliminate funding for housing block program, Rep. Neil Abercrombie threatened a Republican Congressman, noting, “if I was directing to [the Congressman] he’d know it physically.” Less then 10 days later, according to the Omaha World Herald Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. “let loose a profanity filled tirade” on another Member of Congress and then challenged the member to “step outside” during floor debate.

Democracy Project also notes the growing anti-Semitism on the Left.

MUST READ UPDATE: American Thinker has more on the Chavista Politics on the House Floor.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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