Oliver Stone Renews Movie Offer to Ahmadinejad

“Stone’s publicist referred to the bad image that the U.S. media has given to Islam and Islamic countries and said that the documentary could assist in countering such negative propaganda,” Iranian producer and filmmaker Alireza Sajjadpur explained at Mehr News.

Film director Oliver Stone is not taking “no” for an answer!

Director Stone reaches out again to genocide-promoter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The US director has renewed his offer to the genocide-promoting Iranian president to do a documentary on his life.
Fars News reported:

The renowned American filmmaker, Oliver Stone, once again asked Tehran to allow him to make a documentary film about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Stone’s manager Mrs. Michelle Michelson sent the first request to Ahmadinejad’s office on January 13, and the artistic advisor of the president, Javad Shamaghdari, asked him to send a written request, and Stone subsequently sent his request in an E-Mail.

But after several interviews by Shamaghdari and the negative positions taken by some Iranian political circles and figures, Stone denied such a request.

A little later Michelson renewed the request and underlined Stone’s deep enthusiasm for producing a documentary about Ahmadinejad, saying that such a move is in line with dialogue and cultural exchanges between the two Iranian and American nations.

The Iranian presidential office has not yet responded to Stone’s second request.

If Ahmadinejad is smart, he won’t pass up the great propaganda opportunity this time.

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