Israeli Columnist Glick Slams US Foreign Policy Fantasies

Caroline Glick, famed columnist at the Jerusalem Post, blasts the “fantasists” in the US for once again ignoring the threats by radical Islamic leaders threatening not just Israel, but all of Western civilization.

Column One: The rise of the fantasists

…The fantasists ignored completely Osama bin Laden’s declarations that his goal is to conquer the world in the name of Islam. They disregarded the political and cultural milieus marked by inexhaustible envy towards the West and the US that gave rise to al-Qaida and its sister organizations. Rather than acknowledge the reality of real war with real enemies, both camps of fantasists argued that instead of slaying these twin dragons, the US should appease them by serving them Israel for lunch.

These voices were relegated to the margins of public debate until the lead up to the 2004 presidential elections. Ahead of those elections, backed by George Soros’s financial muscle, the fantasists had an enormous impact of the debate in the Democratic Party. Politicians who until then had supported the war generally, and in Iraq particularly, clamored to decry it…

… A BRIEF look at recent statements by Iran’s leaders and its terrorist vassals suffice to show how cut off these views are from reality. Last Saturday, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said, “America and its followers are stuck in a whirlpool and they sink deeper as time passes. A dangerous future is predicted for them.” Wednesday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signaled that Iran will share its nuclear know-how with others saying, “If nuclear energy is something good, all nations should enjoy it on the basis of law.”

In an interview with Britain’s Independent, Iraqi Shiite terror boss Muqtada al Sadr admitted that his group trains with Hizbullah. Sadr said, “We have formal links with Hizbullah…. We copy Hizbullah in the way they fight and their tactics, we teach each other and we are getting better through this.”

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of last year’s war against Israel, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah told Iranian television that Hizbullah acts at Teheran’s pleasure. “I am a lowly soldier of the Imam Khamenei. Hizbullah youths acted on behalf of the Imam Khomeini… and sent their blessings to the Iranian people,” Nasrallah said.

On August 6, Osama Hamdan, Hamas’s representative in Lebanon, told al-Kawthar television that Hamas is preparing for war not because expects it Israel to attack, “but because the final goal of the resistance is to wipe this entity [Israel] off the face of the Earth. This goal necessitates the development of the capabilities of the resistance, until this entity is wiped out.”

What is it going to take for America to come back to its senses?
And, how can the democrats claim that they will protect America when they still believe the real threats to America are coming from inside the White House?

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